Bella Luna
Bella2-0 New
Vital statistics
Alias(es) Bella Lunav2.1.3

Silent Midnight

Sex Female
Species Wolf


Position Antivirus

Clerk/Sales Assistant Theif

Age 15 (is actually six months)
D.O.B. 7 February
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 2" 1" (Wolf)

5" 7" (Human)

Weight 20kg (Wolf)

65kg (Human)

Hair Color Metallic Blue
Eye Color Blue/Green
Bella is a main character in Webb and Friends.

Appearance Edit

Because of the mixed forms between series, Bella is usually seen as a little wolf or sometimes a human. Between her different forms she has two features that always stay the same.

Wolf Form Edit

Bella has adopted the appearance of an Arctic wolf with shoulder-length blue hair and a patchwork heart. Her eyes are heterochromic (one green, one blue) and her lashes are quite thick. Bella's body shape is that of typical tree friend and in antivirus mode her hair has two white streaks.

Human Form Edit

Bella is a pale (and quite slender) girl who is 5" 7" and again has her trademark blue hair and eyes. Her clothes change between episodes, but she can usually been wearing her little "French maid" outfit.


Bella was programmed (as an antivirus) to be a killer by her (deceased) Master and became known in cybespace as the menace Silent Midnight. After her Master died, Bella found a program called Kokoro and thus, came to know emotions (which is physically shown as a patchwork heart). She was transported to the real world when Fiora's computer shorted and she came to learn the basic aspects of the world.

Bella has grown to be a really compassionate character who is shown to care for her friends. However, she is quite yandere and prone to violent and almost psychotic outbursts. She is also known to seek attention at times and is quite a flirt. There have been instances where she may seduce a (male) character into telling/giving her what she wants. She also seems to know how to uncover a peer's weaknesses and use those weaknesses against them.

There are times when Bella isn't Silent Midnight yet her personality turns quite sadistic and malicious. One of these such times, for example, is when she sees Britt with Lammy. This personality trait has earned her the title "The Bad Apple" of the group.

Silent Midnight Edit

Bella's darker side, Silent Midnight, is said to be the terror of the cyberspace. Silent Midnight usually makes an appearance when Bella has been really hurt, or if the Kokoro is deleted. When in this form Bella has enough reserved power to split the ground around her.

Blindside Edit

As featured in The Haunt, Blindside is The Slender Man's proxy made from a brainwashed Bella. The reason for the nameBlindside comes from the fact that her eyes are bandaged (it is rumoured that Slender man gouged her eyes out), although she seems to move around perfectly without them.

Weapons Edit

Bella uses the same weapons in both forms which are:

  • Cannons: Because Bella is an antivirus, she has the ability to form a cannon out of each arm (as seen in main picture).
  • Katana: Bella uses a katana with the kanji 'Kokoro' inside a heart engraved on the hilt. She had an exact replica that she sometimes Carries around. Bella can use them together as single swords, a double-edged blade (by going the hilts together with a twisting motion) or as blade-style nunchuks (by rotating the hilts one more notch, which links both with a chain).

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Blindside was fan dubbed.
  • Although her voice is weak, Bella can sing quite well. Her tone can be compared to that of Kagamine Rin.
  • She will sometimes say simple words such as "Thank you" or "I'm sorry" in Japanese.
  • Bella's jealousy of Lammy usually gets the better of her.
  • For her age, Bella has a rather developed figure (in human form).
  • If Britt is angered, Bella sits him down and rubs his feet. This has been seen on several occasions.

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Bella's Theme

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