Britton by HTF1234
Vital statistics
Alias(es) Unknown
Sex Male
Species Bear


Position Fighter
Age 14
D.O.B. January 30
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 2" 1" (Bear)

5" 11" (Human)

Weight 25kg (Bear)

78kg (Human)

Hair Color Blue (Bear)

Black (Human)

Eye Color Blue
Britton is a main character in Webb and Friends.

Appearance Edit

Because the episodes vary in style, Britton can be seen as either a little bear or a human.

Bear Form Edit

Britton is a tree friend-sized bear with bright green fur, a blue shirt and long, cream-coloured pants. Like must tree friends, he is about 2" 10".

Human Form Edit

Britton is a black haired human wearing a blue t-shirt and dark green jeans. He's almost 6 feet tall.

Personality Edit

Britton has Asperger's (mild autism). He has to take 3 pills each morning to prevent any outbursts. He's mostly a happy kid who likes video games. He has a foot fetish leaning towards males.

Relationships Edit

Bella - Boyfriend-girlfriend (Part of a love triangle)

Lammy - Boyfriend-girlfriend (Part of a love triangle)

Webb - Good friend

Weapons/Abilities Edit

In HTF form, he can manipulate electrokinesis. As a human, he uses a green glowing katana named Murasame, which can cut any kind of rock.

Trivia Edit

  • He's usually afraid of admitting a liking of his in public in fear of getting hatred.

Theme Edit

Britton's Theme

Gallery Edit