Fiora Azuri Cane
Vital statistics
Alias(es) Fifi


Sex Female
Species Dog


Position Police Officer

Thief (001)

Age 19-21
D.O.B. June 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 2" 1" (Dog)

5" 8" (Human)

Weight 20kg (Dog)

58kg (Human)

Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Fiora is a main character in Webb and Friends.

Appearance Edit

Dog Form Edit

Fiora is a little dog with blue fur, floppy ears, tufts of fur on her cheeks and fangs rather than the normal buck teeth.

Human Form Edit

When human, Fiora is a tall, fully grown woman with long blue hair and a fringe to resemble her ears. She can usually be seen in her police officer's attire.

Personality Edit

Fiora had a hard childhood as she was separated from her deceased mother at an early age. This happened to be when her genetics were modified to make her 001, which tends to make her quite aggressive. Aside from this, Fiora is a fun-loving girl who always looks danger in the eye. This is clearly exhibited through her love of extreme sports. In a sense, she is allot like Bella in terms of personality.

Weapons Edit

Because she is a policewoman, Fiora has a taser, baton and handgun.


  • Bella: Good friend.
  • Webb: Good friend.
  • Castani: Sister.
  • Britton: Good friend.
  • Squishy: Good friend.

Trivia Edit

  • Fiora is afraid of Cane Toads.
  • The irony in Fiora is her two sides: Fiora is a cop while 001 is a thief.