Vital statistics
Alias(es) Zim's Evil-Robot-Dog-Thingy
Sex Male
Species SIR Unit
Position Zim's Evil Minion
Age Unknown
D.O.B. Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 2" 1"
Weight 50kg
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Teal
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GIR is a main (cross-over) character in Webb and Friends.

Appearance Edit

GIR generally looks like a regular SIR Unit, with less features and having a different color scheme. He is made from metal and his empty head is abnormally large, yet his legs don't seem to be stretched to his torso. GIR's Earth disguise consists of a green bipedal dog suit with black ears and a zipper on the front.

Personality Edit

GIR can be described as hyperactive and speaks allot of nonsense. Although he is extremely loyal to Zim, GIR almost always disregards Zim's orders as does as his own accord. While sometimes doing things intellectually bright, he isn't known for his intelligence and would rather eat and watch TV than carry out his mission, and will eat almost anything (usually filled with sugar).

Weapons/Equipment Edit

GIR himself is part of Zim's assortment of gadgets, but has a few of his own.

Foot Jets: GIR has jets built into his feet.

GPS: He can analyse his geographical surroundings.

Laser Eyes: Self-explanatory.

X-Ray Vision:  Self-explanatory.

GIR can also analyse peoples' aspects from race to intellegence.


  • Everyone else: Friend.


  • GIR loves food, with a special liking for cupcakes, tacos, cake, hotdogs etc.
  • His brain consists of pocket lint, a paperclip, a penny, and a marble.