Vital statistics
Alias(es) Unknown
Sex Female
Species Sheep


Position Unknown
Age 17
D.O.B. August 16
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 2" 1" (Sheep)

5" 8" (Human)

Weight 20kg (Sheep)

59kg (Human)

Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Blue
Lammy is a canon character of Happy Tree Friends and a cross-over in Webb and Friends.

Appearance Edit

Lammy will usually be seen clashing with Bella in most episodes that she appears in, so once again she has two forms.

Sheep Form Edit

Lammy is a little purple sheep with a white woolly sweater and fluffy little white hat with a purple bow. Her body shape is that of a regular tree friendand her height and weight are similar to a normal tree friend's as well.

Human Form Edit

Lammy is a tall and extremely thin girl with bright blue eyes and a purple bob. She usually wears her trademark sweater and hat, only this time with a mini-skirt as well. Because she is slightly older than the others, she is fully grown (in terms of her figure), which many males seem to find extremely attractive.

Personality Edit

Unlike in the canon (HTF) series, where she is a really lovable character, Lammy (like Bella) is extremely yandere. She despises Bella and will go to extreme lengths to get rid of her as Lammy believes she is the only one Britt really loves. Aside from her clashes with Bella, Lammy is actually a very polite and sincere individual who loves tea parties, cards, fashion and gambling. She is especially tender when she is around Britt and quite cheerful around her friends, but, as stated earlier, can be extremely violent and sadistic when Bella is in sight.

Relationships Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Lammy is mentally unstable.
  • She has a preference for classical music and plays the violin.
  • When Lammy sings, it is said to be a beautiful sound.