Webb himself
Vital statistics
Alias(es) Spider-Man
Sex Male
Species Bear, Human
Position Newspaper journalist, Novel writer
Age 13-15
D.O.B. July 28
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height The Same as any tree friend
Weight The Same as any tree friend
Hair Color Tan, Black as a human
Eye Color Black

Webb is the Main Protagonist in Webb and Friends. He is a bear


He is a tan bear, wearing a brown jacket, glasses, red shirt and sneakers, blue jeans. As Spider-Man, he wears the Spider Man Suit

As a human, he has black hair and Caucasian skin, along with his traditional outfit.


He has a happy, go lucky personality with his friends and is courageous. He often belittles people though. As Spider-Man, he is more serious, and less like himself. Although he still cracks jokes from time to time


He has the ability to crawl up walls and super strength. He also has his web shooters which he uses as Spider-Man.

Villainous actsEdit

Although Webb is the main protagonist and hero of the series, he often plays an antagonistic role in the series.

Webb And Friends

  1. Killer Robot: Leaves Zim to get killed by GIR
  2. Lost in Space: Insulted Bella


Zim: Ally and sometimes rival

Bella: Friend and Ally

Britt: Good friend

Seth: Best friend

Josh: Best Friend

Squishy: Frenemy

Fiora: Friend

Castani: Friend

Sekai: Love interest


  • He is often prone to anger, especially when provoked
  • He is known for his dangerous antics.
  • A running gag in the series is him getting stabbed in the chest by Bella, or getting assaulted by Britt
  • When he writes a novel, it is always published and sold with a lot of success.
  • He usually claims not to give any "f*cks" about some things, when he most likely does.

Theme Edit

Webb's Theme

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