Vital statistics
Alias(es) Invader Zim
Sex Male
Species Irken
Position Invader
Age Over 200
D.O.B. Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Really Short
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Red

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Zim is a main (cross-over) character in Webb and Friends.


Zim is known as one of the shortest of his species (which is a really bad social image on his home planet) but doesn't seem to notice. He has green skin with glassy red eyes and two black antannae (that act as eyebrows). He wears what looks like a space-age pinkish-red outfit with black gloves and boots, and wears his PAK on his back. Zim is always seen as an Irken, regardless of the series he is in.

In order to blend in with the world around him, Zim constructed a "human" disguise with consists of human-like contact lenses and a bouffant wig. His disguise doesn't seem very convincing, but the others around him (who didn't originally know his identity) don't seem to notice.

Personality Edit

Zim is typically sadistic, paranoid and extremely unsocial. Unlike his robotic counterpart GIR, Zim doesn't like many people at all. He feels he has no beef for human affection and tries to ignore it when he can. However, he has been known to show a softer side (especially toward GIR) and does secretly care for his friends.

Zim seems to hate getting dirty and hates human food, almost as much as humans themselves.


Zim has a mass number of various weapons (that he constructs himself and imports to Earth). His main device is his PAK.


GIR: Minion

Bella: Good Friend.

Webb: Friend/Rival.

Britton: Rival.


  • Meat, water and soda is corrosive to him.
  • He is allergic to most human foods (unless they have a high number of carbohydrates, like waffles).